Page 0: Digging To Hell

Super Furry Animals, "Liberty Belle", from the album Phantom Power (2003).

Page 6: Corona

In the first few months of the pandemic, at least in Texas, "corona", short for coronavirus, was a popular term until "COVID" caught on more generally around early-mid summer.

Page 18: Doo Doo Brown

Page 20: Revised

This was originally one page instead of two; click here to see the old art.

Page 21: The Spinners

The Spinners, "It's A Shame", from the album 2nd Time Around (1970).

Page 23: Hand Me Down My Walking Cane

The Spinners, "Rubberband Man", from the album Happiness is Being With The Spinners (1976).

Pages 26-27: Take A Walk

Ben Folds, "Jesusland", from the album Songs for Silverman (2005).

Pages 36-37: It's A Fresh Spring

Yeasayer, "2080", from the album All-Hour Cymbals (2013).

Page 40: Youtube

Page 45: Scam A Bunch Of Cards

This is, unfortunately, an incredibly common form of fraud/financial abuse.

Page 48: To Walk Her Righteous Streets

"Heaven is Ten Zillion Light Years Away"; the first track from Stevie Wonder's 1974 album Fulfillingness' First Finale.

Page 49: Ornery Woman

"Boogie On Reggae Woman"; the third track from Stevie Wonder's 1974 album Fulfillingness' First Finale.

Pages 51 and 52: I Came Off Pretty Well

"Switching Off" by Elbow, from the 2002 album Cast of Thousands.

Page 60: Atmospheric Shop Talk

- BMEs: Air pressure/temperature/humidity sensors.
- Small-profile LIDAR: Light Detection And Ranging. A lightweight module ideal for smaller tornado probes.
- Infrasonic measurement/"mic and IMU combo": More info here.
- Mobile mesonet: a multi-vehicle storm tracking system. Jodi and Ignacio are currently assisting a news channel rather than on a dedicated research mission.

Page 67: Ain't No Room For The Hopeless Sinner

"They Won't Go When I Go" by Stevie Wonder, from the 1974 album Fulfillingness' First Finale.

Pages 72-73: Oh Little Sicky

"Witch Doctor" by De Staat, from the 2016 album I_CON.

Page 77: Hey There Mama Nature

"Frankenstein" by Clutch, from the 2001 album Pure Rock Fury.

Pages 101-102: Don't Hesitate, My Love

"Frontier" by Holly Herndon, from the 2019 album Proto. This song is one of the chief inspirations for Shot and Chaser.

Pages 108-109: Touchdown

This process would take at least several minutes in real life, even with a small, short-lived funnel like this one.

Pages 150-151: Marble

From "Young Liars" by TV on the Radio, on the 2003 EP of the same name.

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