I sometimes have to take a break from posting regular updates in order to handle additional work or real-life emergencies. I asked a few fellow comic artists if they'd like to do a guest strip, and these kind souls contributed. Thanks, guys!

by Deanna Echanique (08/20/2013)
by Rosa Marnie (07/02/2013)
by Christianne Goudreau (05/28/2013)
by Polly Guo (03/05/2013)
by Isaia (12/11/2012)
by Hushicho
by Kate Ashwin
by Kory Bing
by Kristina Stipetic
by ThePinkTroll
by Cami Woodruff
by Fauxbrains
by Ali Wilgus
by Runcible


Also during the hiatus, I opened up a Tumblr account where folks could submit questions to TJ and Amal. I'm still answering these occasionally, but here are the ones that were made into strips.

#1: Hair
#2: Off to a bad start
#3: Body swap
#4: It's in the eyes, man
#5: Long live The Gobbler
#6: Mixed metaphors
#7: Ladies


Sometimes I commission other artists to draw TJ and Amal. I always give them complete freedom with the poses and content. It's neat to see how different artists render them.

by explodingaces [new]
by sephiramy
by yumbles
by ryann shannon
by enenkay
by brianne s.
by lauren montgomery
by eemp
by runcible
by kory bing
by doraya
by KuDu
by ruroni-lu
by aznmextofu
by frog
by crisart (NSFW)
by isaia
by julie dillon
by oneoftwo (trade)
by needlenose (trade, NSFW)
by TRIP (trade)
by hamletmachine (trade, NSFW)