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02.13.24: Page 152 is up.

R18 SIDE COMIC! Within the next couple of months, I'll be releasing a 42-page black and white side comic depicting Tre and Olly in earlier, happier days. SWEET ABILENE takes place in April 2016 and tells the story of the very goofy first time they hooked up. It's in the final revision stage and I'm currently designing the cover. SWEET ABILENE is for ADULTS ONLY. PDF will be available at and a print version will be funded via pre-order. Stay tuned!

I designed a T-shirt! It's up on Printify if you'd like one. I'm not making any profit off these due to the song lyrics on the banner. Please pick one up if you like!

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Thank you for reading SHOT AND CHASER! If you enjoy it, please consider checking out my previous webcomic, TJ AND AMAL, which ran from 2008 to 2014.

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This comic updates every Tuesday with two pages. (Maybe more or less depending on a good pause point.) SHOT AND CHASER is also mirrored on Tapas with a 2 week delay.
Apologies to readers who followed Shot & Chaser on Webtoon; after the hiatus I was unable to retrieve my account info. Due to this and some of Webtoon's business practices, I'm no longer using it.

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04.19.22: Site launched with pages 0-9.


SHOT AND CHASER is a story about storms.
Esoteric lifemates Tre and Olly set out together and experience a literal whirlwind of a day in the Texas panhandle.
WARNING: This comic contains sensitive themes and is intended only for mature adults.

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5'7", 275lbs
Freelance photographer / editor for a living, but his passion is mixed media  landscape painting. On the verge of his first big gallery show. Estranged from his extremely religious mother since 2016.



5'11", 170lbs
Former climatology Ph.D. candidate at Texas Tech. Abruptly dropped out in 2012; now an amateur storm chaser. Recently laid off from his retail management job due to injury & COVID shutdown.



18', 4400lbs
A 1990 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser. Look out! It's beige, the coolest kind of brown. Comes with original genuine faux wood paneling.



works on a lot of comics. Credits and info here.


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