May 16, 2008 -
In the span of a single day, Amal calls off his arranged marriage, comes out to his conservative parents, promptly gets disowned, goes on a bender... and wakes up the next morning to find TJ, a lanky, dreadlocked vagrant, frying eggs and singing Paul Simon in his kitchen.

TJ claims that the two have made a drunken pact to drive all the way from Berkeley to Providence. As it happens, Amal promised his sister he'd be there for her graduation from Brown University. And TJ, well... TJ has his own reasons.

The agreement is simple: Amal does the driving; TJ pays the way - but a 3500 mile journey leaves plenty of time for things to get complicated.

When does the comic update?

Tuesdays, about two pages every week.

Is TJ and Amal available in print? When is the book coming out?

Yes; this story is intended for print. It will be published in three volumes, hopefully later compiled into one large book. Volume 1 (containing Chapters 1-13) and Volume 2 (containing Chapters 14-29) are currently available for purchase. Volume 3 (containing Chapters 30-44) will go to print April 14, 2014 and should be available for purchase at the end of May.
There are plans for an omnibus edition, but that is on the back burner for now.

Is an RSS feed available?

Yes; it's available here and on on Feedburner. Please note that the RSS feed will alert you to new comic pages, but clicking will take you to the main page. This is to prevent lost ad revenue and missed news. If you use Tumblr, you can follow Tjandamal-Updates.

Can I hire you to do an illustration/draw a comic for me?

I am booked solid until at least July, but may be available after that. Please check back in late summer or early fall.

Will you be at [convention]?

Toronto Comic Art Festival (TCAF) - May 10 & 11, 2014 - Toronto, ON, Canada
TENTATIVE: San Japan - July 18-20, 2014 - San Antonio, Texas
Otakuthon - August 22-24, 2014 - Montréal, QC, Canada
If you'd like to see TJ & Amal at a convention near you, please ask the con organizers!

I'd like to sell the TJ and Amal graphic novels in my bookstore/comic shop. Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, I have special discounts for brick-and-mortar retailers. Please contact me at for details.

Will you make T-shirts?

Possibly in the future, when the comic's done. Right now I do not have the time/resources to handle printing and shipping T-shirts.

I want to buy the book/other stuff, but don't have a Paypal account. Help?

I can still take checks and money orders. Shoot me an e-mail and I'll pass you the PO Box info.

Why can't I leave comments on the comic pages?

Since TJ and Amal is a long-form story with lots of plot-important details, I prefer not to have extra material that will distract the reader from the comic pages.

Will you link to my website/comic?

Sorry, probably not. I link to comics I come across on my own, not on request.

Why do you only update once a week? Why just two pages a week instead of a bunch all at once?

I have a full-time job, so comic work is done in evenings and on weekends.
Even though the story is meant to be read in one long go, I update once a week because having a regular schedule and keeps me working at a steady, manageable pace. ("How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.")

How long have you been working on TJ and Amal? How long will it run?

Since October 2007. (Comic pages started going up on the web in December 2009.) The story will end in mid-May 2014.

Hey, on [page], is that a reference to [book/film/TV show]?

Quite possibly. I've compiled several pages of notes and credits; check them out if you like.

About translations...

If you want to try translating TJ and Amal, please feel free! If you would like to send me translated pages, I can put them up, or (preferably) link to the translation on its own site.
All translations are done by fans on their own time, for fun. Since I am fluent only in English, I am unable to make corrections or check for accuracy, and am not responsible for translated content.

Is this a "yaoi"?

I have no idea.

Who's "top" and who's "bottom"? Who's "the woman" and who's "the man"?

Please don't ask this.

How do you make the comic?

First, I hand-write a script for each section - Dialogue still changes as the page comes together. Then I do a bunch of thumbnail sketches to decide on the layout of each page. After thumbnailing, I draw each panel to scale on a separate sheet of bright white paper.
I draw the first rough pass in Col-Erase Pink, the second pass in Col-Erase Carmine Red, the third and fourth passes in mechanical pencil and ink, then shade with 2B and 3B soft pencil lead.
I then scan the artwork and import it to Photoshop, where I extract the Red channel so that only the black and gray lines are visible.
After that, I piece all the panels together into a single page, do retouching and corrections, and add panel borders, balloons and lettering on new layers. Then it sits in the buffer for weeks and then I come back and obsessively fix the old art right before the page goes up
Original pages are 4125 x 6300 px. I drop the web-version pages to 700 px wide before posting.
A single page takes anywhere from 10 to 25 hours, start to finish.

What font do you use for the dialogue?

Cloudsplitter BB, from Blambot.

Can I make icons/wallpapers/sig images from your art?

Sure, have at! Just please use your own webspace (or a service like Imgur) for hosting them, and please give credit or a link back to
I'm generally fine with folks using my drawings for non-commercial stuff as long as they're not being sold or plagiarized.

some dork

E.K. Weaver
was born during disco and grew up in a town full of rockets. She lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Brett, a big old dopey dog, a big young hyperactive dog, a cat who hates everything, and a cat who will not get off the drawing table stop chewing on my panel sheets no don't knock over that pencil jar awww crap

E.K. is a Libra of the cedar scrublands and has a +3 heat shield. Her weak points are used CD shops, font collections, and seeds.

TJ and Amal is her first comic.