I sometimes have to take a break from posting regular updates in order to handle additional work or real-life emergencies. I asked a few fellow comic artists if they'd like to do a guest strip, and these kind souls contributed. Thanks, guys!

by Deanna Echanique (08/20/2013) [new]
by Rosa Marnie (07/02/2013)
by Christianne Goudreau (05/28/2013)
by Polly Guo (03/05/2013)
by Isaia (12/11/2012)
by Hushicho
by Kate Ashwin
by Kory Bing
by Kristina Stipetic
by ThePinkTroll
by Cami Woodruff
by Fauxbrains
by Ali Wilgus
by Runcible


Also during the hiatus, I opened up a Tumblr account where folks could submit questions to TJ and Amal. I'm still answering these occasionally, but here are the ones that were made into strips.

#1: Hair
#2: Off to a bad start
#3: Body swap
#4: It's in the eyes, man
#5: Long live The Gobbler
#6: Mixed metaphors
#7: Ladies


Sometimes I commission other artists to draw TJ and Amal. I always give them complete freedom with the poses and content. It's neat to see how different artists render them.

by sephiramy
by yumbles
by ryann shannon
by enenkay
by brianne s.
by lauren montgomery
by eemp
by runcible
by kory bing
by doraya
by KuDu
by ruroni-lu
by aznmextofu
by frog
by crisart (NSFW)
by isaia
by julie dillon
by oneoftwo (trade)
by needlenose (trade, NSFW)
by TRIP (trade)
by hamletmachine (trade, NSFW)